Flash Doodle

Just a quick doodle of The Flash


Hellknight WIP

Blowing off the dust on some old projects.

These are my pages

I drew these pages while being misled by Michael Pearson. If anyone other than me (Michael Lawler) is attempting to use these pages, be advised, they are doing so without my permission.


Ninja Madness Revision Thumbnails

So.. the ninja madness got a bit out of hand and I felt the need to bring it back to planning and revise it heavily.  Here are the thumbnails involved in this process..


Penguin and Poison Ivy

Penguin and Poison Ivy - Mike Lawler 2014


Rocket and Groot WiP

This is my re-imagining of a movie poster Marvel released for Guardians of the Galaxy.
I thought it would be fun to draw it up comic style and this is where I'm at so far.