Static Pinup Colors

DC Comics character Static. I tried a LOT of new techniques on this (colored outlines, gamut masking, muted glow, etc) and I am fairly happy with the results. There are tons of areas for improvement but I had a really tight deadline on this and was pushing myself to work faster than normal. Pencils and inks took 1 day each, flatting the colors took another and then another for color work.

Harley Quinn Pencils

Thought I would take a quick break from my Static Pinup to do a quick Harley drawing. Gotta love a girl who knows how to have fun ;)


Static Pinup WiP

Doing this pinup of static because I don't do enough pinups :P  After I finish him I hope to do a little bit of sequential work.  I'll post the finished colors when they're done.  Each step so far has taken just under a day.


Red Leaf Cover for June
My colors over Robert Norton's Pencils and Inks