So here's Ron.  The color is at a stage that I'm happy with but the Zbrush materials aren't doing it for me.  he's going to be retopo'ed and rigged then animated in Maya so I'm not going to spend too much more time on the Zbrush side of it other than to get my maps and whatnot. 


The Worm

I needed to work on some Zbrush and threw together this little concept and started crankin on it.


I was part of the modeling crew and it looks like our baby is picking up quite a few awards!


More Dozer
Pixel Aspect Ratio is my new arch nemesis >:[

Dozer Modeling Base Mesh WIP


More on my dozer piece
I've been working up this concept for a contest.  Will start modeling it in Maya tomorrow.


My take on an Urban Exterior scene

Took 5 days in Maya.  I feel like that's super slow but I was learning stuff too so it's all good I guess.