New Gallery Is Live

So far this blog has served as a sort of catch all for my work and snippets of random other things.
Now, that has changed and I have a gallery that is specifically for my finished works.



Hulk Vs Wolverine

Think I'm just about ready to wrap this one up. 


Wolverine Vs Hulk WiP

That Lobo piece got me in the mood for some more digital painting.  Originally I was going to draw this on paper and just do it up comic style, and decided to get back into my Crimson Dagger roots.

Above - More Progress

First Pass at Colors



Riddick PUMMEL Pencils

Pencils for a PUMMEL piece for PencilJack.com



Static Pinup Colors

DC Comics character Static. I tried a LOT of new techniques on this (colored outlines, gamut masking, muted glow, etc) and I am fairly happy with the results. There are tons of areas for improvement but I had a really tight deadline on this and was pushing myself to work faster than normal. Pencils and inks took 1 day each, flatting the colors took another and then another for color work.

Harley Quinn Pencils

Thought I would take a quick break from my Static Pinup to do a quick Harley drawing. Gotta love a girl who knows how to have fun ;)


Static Pinup WiP

Doing this pinup of static because I don't do enough pinups :P  After I finish him I hope to do a little bit of sequential work.  I'll post the finished colors when they're done.  Each step so far has taken just under a day.


Red Leaf Cover for June
My colors over Robert Norton's Pencils and Inks


So here's Ron.  The color is at a stage that I'm happy with but the Zbrush materials aren't doing it for me.  he's going to be retopo'ed and rigged then animated in Maya so I'm not going to spend too much more time on the Zbrush side of it other than to get my maps and whatnot. 


The Worm

I needed to work on some Zbrush and threw together this little concept and started crankin on it.


I was part of the modeling crew and it looks like our baby is picking up quite a few awards!


More Dozer
Pixel Aspect Ratio is my new arch nemesis >:[

Dozer Modeling Base Mesh WIP


More on my dozer piece
I've been working up this concept for a contest.  Will start modeling it in Maya tomorrow.