So, I did up a few sketches and decided to push one of them to a semi finished sketch/painting/piece...thing. You might remember the flying tiger from a while back that was part of a logo competition. Well, he didn't win so I thought I'd incorporate him here.

The back story.. In this little world I concocted for this piece, Wizards that are endorsed by the royal seal must attend academy. Upon completion, they must complete a set of 5 tasks. The first is to offer aid to a village that cannot be offered by a normal person. The village he is assisting has been losing livestock to this flying tiger, hence our wizard-elect's dual in an ominous canyon.

I used the method Ryan Church does in his video to establish atmosphere.
I feel like the wizard is a bit awkward.but I wanted him to feel almost ethereal as opposed to the backlit flying tiger. Be that as it may... this is the first fully colored imagination piece I've done for myself just for the pleasure of doing it. .and I did have fun.. so I'm happy with it being what it is ;)