Website up

Hey there, just posting to let everyone know that my new website is up at http://www.michaellawler.webs.com
It's nothing too fancy and was built in 48 hours, mostly to brush up on my html/css and get another place online to show my work.
Thanks to some of the wonderful people at conceptart.org I've been given a little more focus on my studies and am putting a few of my pieces on hold to work on refining edges/focus etc.  Hopefully you'll see some new and improved work.

For those interested, the aforementioned image (there were others but this one demonstrates the idea perfectly well)

To work on this I have downloaded Photoshop CS5 (the demo for now) and plan on using channels/paths to separate the areas for a bit more control.. previously I was using Photoshop Elements 7 and painting everything on a single layer.. and in process kicking my own ass.  So, I'm excited to move forward and push my skills and keep improving.  I've got a ton of new pencil work and may even get my scanner up and running again to upload a bit of it.. until then, thanks for reading and see you soon.


Back in the Saddle

Well, after moving cross country and a number of other personal issues that come along with that territory, I've finally gotten my studio back up and running.

As a note for anyone viewing my work on this blog. Most of these are studies and are being completed on a very strict time frame. Along with that many of these were also intended for me to learn something specific. For example, the Clint Eastwood was a study in an aged face that evolved in landmark studies to achieve a readily recognizable persona.. contrast this to the man in armor which was and is a study in achieving recognizable metallics. That being said, when a piece has imparted it's knowledge I tend to shelf it either until I have enough free time to actually finish that piece or until I feel the need to revisit the lessons learned during the original creation.

Enough of that, here's a master study I'm working on by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. This is very early stage where I'm still defining basic shapes and establishing tones and color etc. As the pieces come together you will begin to see a more refined image.